“He isn’t BTS Jin?” A male idol who confused netizens with his past photo

BTS Jin and The Boyz Ju Hak-nyeon’s past photos are drawing attention.

Recently, Ju Hak-nyeon‘s elementary school graduation photo was uploaded on online communities. Netizens were surprised as soon as they saw the photo.

It was because Ju Hak-nyeon’s past appearance looks very similar to Jin‘s past appearance.

Ju Hak-nyeon was wearing horn-rimmed glasses and had a slight smile on his lips. His diligent and neat-looking image as well as clear features attracted attention.

The two’s glasses frames are different, but their facial features and smiley expression look very similar.

Netizens acknowledged the resemblance, “If their names are not written on photos, I don’t know who is Jin and who is Ju Hak-nyeon.”

As both Jin and Ju Hak-nyeon are famous for their visuals within their teams, they showed off their extraordinary beauty from an early age.

However, now they do not look like each other compared to the past.

Netizens responded, “Every time I see it, it’s amazing. How can they look so alike?”, “Even now, sometimes they still look strangely similar”, “Is it because of the glasses? I thought it was Jin’s graduation photo”…

Meanwhile, BTS will release the single “Bad Decisions” with Benny Blanco on August 5th.

The Boyz will mark the finale of their first world tour “THE BOYZ WORLD TOUR : THE B-ZONE IN SEOUL ENCORE” at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena from August 5th to 7th.

Source: dispatch

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