“He interviews AV actresses?”, Viewers ask Shin Dong Yeop to drop out of ‘Animal Farm’ due to his appearance on a new show

Netizens demand Shin Dong Yeop’s “Animal Farm” drop-out due to his appearance in Netflix’s new show “Risque Business Japan”.

Shin Dong Yeop and Sung Si Kyung hosted Netflix’s entertainment program “Risque Business Japan” released on April 25th. This show explores the adult entertainment industry in Japan. The two went to an adult toy shop and adult VR room in Japan to look around products and interview employees there. They even met Japanese AV actresses and directors to hear stories about their jobs.

Explaining their job to the two MCs, the AV actresses said, “You resolve your sexual desires to feel comforted and satisfied, right? Our job is to fulfill those desires”, “It’s an AV actress’s job to realize the fantasies of both men and women alike. You may think anyone could do it, but it’s a very special job”, etc. They added, “We can refuse to do it if we don’t like to”, trying to reduce negative perceptions by revealing the filming environment.

There were reviews that praised Shin Dong Yeop and Sung Si Kyung’s bold and frank talks about sexual culture, but the two couldn’t avoid criticism. “Risque Business Japan” received a restricted rating for teenagers, and it was criticized for having excessive material and directing. Experts were concerned that although adult videos may be legal in Japan, they are still considered illegal in Korea, and respecting Japanese culture could lead to connections with sexual exploitation and prostitution.

Shin Dong Yeop, who was loved for his R-rated jokes in comedies, was criticized for crossing the line because of this show. In particular, viewers expressed disappointment that Shin Dong Yeop, an “Animal Farm” MC, interviewed AC actresses and looked at adult toys. Therefore, many people are demanding Shin Dong Yeop’s departure from SBS’s “TV Animal Farm”.

On the viewer bulletin board of “Animal Farm”, there are comments, such as “He couldn’t lose his character of a man with R-rated jokes”, “I don’t want to see the person who interviews AV actresses on a weekend family show”, “Although it’s a job, this is still too excessive. I’m afraid it could be a trigger for young children and teenagers to become accustomed to provocative elements. I want Shin Dong Yeop to explain himself and drop out of ‘Animal Farm’”, etc. Attention is focused on whether Shin Dong Yeop and “Animal Farm” production team will express their position on this issue.

Source: Daum

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