Having had many achievements, BLACKPINK still lacks YG signature style due to these reasons

Despite BLACK PINK being one of the favorite groups of YG Entertainment, netizens still think that the group lacks in these following areas.

BLACKPINK was called the “monster rookie group” when they debuted, and until now, the group has managed to gain so many impressive achievements which make people jealous. Even though the group members are very talented, netizens still think that BLACK PINK lacks in some areas when compared with the other senior groups in the company like BIGBANG, WINNER or iKON.

Having had many achievements, BLACKPINK still lacks YG signature style due to these reasons

A true leader

BLACK PINK is one of the few K-pop groups that work without a leader. The girls have worked together very well, however, a leader would manage the group activities better. YG Entertainment has many great leaders in K-pop groups such as G-Dragon, CL, Seungyoon or B.I. Despite all the members being talented, netizens commented that no one has the qualities to become an excellent leader like their seniors.
Operating without a leader is a BLACKPINK’s shortcoming

Stage skills

BLACKPINK has always had amazing songs for comebacks, however, their stage performing skills, as well as their dynamic presence, seemed to be quite poor in comparison with other groups from their company. The most distinct difference between BLACK PINK and their seniors is that the focus on choreography. While BIG BANG, 2NE1, iKON, and WINNER can control the stage very well without a choreography and make the audience dance, BLACK PINK still relies on their intense choreography.

The performing skills of the group are considered to be good, not excellent.


Despite having two rappers Jennie and Lisa in the group, the rapping skills of these two members have yet to be highly appreciated by netizens in comparison with YG’s amazing rappers such as G-Dragon, T.O.P, Mino, CL, Bobby hay B.I. Moreover, while most of the other rappers from YG have the excellent ability to produce, especially G-Dragon and B.I and some others are good at writing the lyrics for their own rap like Mino, Bobby, two rappers of BLACK PINK haven’t shown their talents yet. In the future, will Jennie and Lisa show their skills to the fans? Or will they just follow the instructions that the company gives them?

Having had many achievements, BLACKPINK still lacks YG signature style due to these reasons

There are many comments from netizens concerning this subject:

-The group doesn’t have a leader, Jennie is good at rapping. However, they truly lack the stage presences and the ability to turn up the heat.
– In fact, comparing BLACK PINK to BIG BANG and 2NE1 is unfair, because, in my opinion, these two groups had the best stage skills in K-pop. They enjoyed and blended themselves with the music, rather than just simply rapped and sang the songs. BLACK PINK is doing well and they will improve. But when they debuted, I was let down a little bit. They are doing better than the general groups now and that’s enough.
– It’s a shame that BLACK PINK doesn’t have a leader. If they want to decide something, it’ll be harder because there is nobody to unify the opinions.

But for a group that debuted 2 years ago, BLACK PINK is doing fine in the other areas.
BLACK PINK has only worked for a short time, therefore, it will be unfair to compare it with the other senior groups from the same company. However, these are only netizens’ personal ideas so the fans shouldn’t be too sensitive about the issue. There is still a lot of time for BLACK PINK to improve and they will not let down the fans for sure.

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