Having a problem with the mic at concert, Sana (TWICE) has a skillful way of handling

Sana's professionalism received many compliments from netizens

TWICE has always been known for their professional attitude every time they step on stage.  Regardless of the circumstances, the JYP girls always maintain a bright smile and happy expressions, making viewers enjoy the song in a positive atmosphere.

Recently at the 4TH WORLD TOUR ‘III’ concert taking place on December 26 in Seoul, Sana took action that helped her receive compliments from fans.  When TWICE performed the song SCIENTIST, her microphone had a problem.  She did not appear in the first half of the performance because she had to change a new mic.

Sana (TWICE) mic problem
At the beginning of the SCIENTIST stage, TWICE performed with a lineup of 7 members
Sana (TWICE) mic problem
Sana had a problem with her mic, had to go backstage to get a new one

Sana then continued to walk onto the stage, quickly catching up with the rest of the members. The Japanese female idol was praised for her professionalism. Despite the trouble, Sana maintained a cheerful demeanor. She had to perform with a handheld mic, but she was still very flexible in every dance move.

Sana (TWICE) mic problem
Despite being absent for more than half of the performance
Sana (TWICE) mic problem
Sana still showed her professionalism when she returned to the stage with a confident and cheerful attitude
Sana (TWICE) mic problem
Having to perform with a handheld mic, Sana still attractively performed the song
Sana (TWICE) mic problem
Fans praise Sana’s professionalism

Fans also expressed pride in TWICE when Sana’s sound problem proved that the group completely sang live at the concert.  Compared to the time when they were criticized for lipsyncing before, TWICE has improved a lot in their live singing ability and increasingly improved themselves. 

Sana (TWICE) mic problem
Sana has many impressive moments at TWICE’s concert
Sana (TWICE) mic problem
The female idol was touched to see her fans again after 2 years of not being able to hold a concert due to the COVID-19

Fans’ comments:

  • Sana is really professional.  She danced and sang very well with a handheld mic. 
  • TWICE sang 28 songs continuously at that concert.  The girls put a lot of effort into this tour.
  • Although JYP did not prepare well, Sana filled the incident with her agility and professionalism.
  • Queen Sana!
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