BlackPink fans get extremely angry at some Jennie’s stans for cursing right at Lisa’s face

Some Jennie stans get harshly criticized for being rude with Lisa.

Black Pink is very busy after their comeback with the mini album “Square Up”. Recently, the YG girlgroup has made their appearance on a radio show to promote their new mini album. The show was totally heated up by the girls’s charm and their energetic performances. Many fansites came to the show as well to take pictures of their idols’s beautiful moments. However, the great time was ruined by the rudeness of some Jennie fans there.

During the break, the girls played their title song “DDU-DU DDU-DU” while greeting and waving to the fans who are standing outside the studio. Lisa was sitting between Jennie and the fans, so at some angles the fans might see that Lisa was blocking Jennie. The matter here is, just because of an uncomfortable arrangement of position but the two of them had the guts to curse loudly at Lisa for blocking them from taking pictures and filming Jennie.

That fan got angry with Lisa and threw bad words at her: “F*** you, you’re blocking Jennie!!”. Not only cursing at Lisa, another member of the group, but another Jennie’s fan even made jokes out of her. The fan laughed out loud: “She thought I’m taking pictures of her, lol”. These actions really drove Lisa fans in particular and Black Pink fans in general extremely angry.

After that, there have been a lot of articles about this incident spreading over the social media and causing a wave of indignation among BLINKs. Only-fans are always troublesome to idol groups and there is no exception for Black Pink. When the story became a hot topic, Lisa fans immediately trended the hashtag #WeLoveYouLisa on Twitter to soothe their beloved girl. Besides, many of Lisa’s supporters expressed their anger about the rudeness of the only-fans. They wanted to know the detailed information of the fansite and asked for an official apology to Lisa.

“Can someone reveal the Hong Kong Jennie’s fansite master who cursed at Lisa? That’s so rude. There are so many BLINKs out there who want to see all the girls yet you chose to curse at Lisa who’s blocking your bias? What a fucking mindset”.

“That fansite master is obviously an OT1. C-BLINKs and Lisabar are already taking action on this. We Lisa stans will not let this pass. They crossed the line.”

It’s heartbreaking for Black Pink’s fans in general and Lisa’s stans in particular to see the female idol still friendly smiling at those rude fans who just cursed at her. After this unfortunate incident, international BLINKs are firmly asking for a fair treatment and respect to their maknae, starting with a serious apology from the two rude Hong Kong fans.

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