Hani’s future husband has been said to be “universal superstar” Kim Heechul?

Imagine a day when two of Kpop’s most extra idols Hani and Heechul get married.

In MY Brain, the fortune teller predicted that if Heechul were to marry a celebrity, Hani would be his bride. Heechul was surprised and replied, “We are so close that we never think about it!” Then he called Hani and told her, “The fortune teller said that we are made for each other for marriage” Hani immediately responded, “I’m not going to get married then”.

Hani’s hilarious response put him at a loss for words. The netizens after watching the dialogue between the two have commented:

  • ‘If they ever get married, their children will probably be super extra.’
  • “If the two ever get married, their child will be a universal popstar!”
  • “After being born, if the child is a girl, she will sit like a man, eat food fallen to the ground, be bald like her mother, and if the child is a boy, he will be kicked out of the entertainment company because of unbearable personality, he will troll the president, cancel work whenever he likes just like his dad! Oh just thinking about it already makes me laugh.”
The chemistry between Heechul and Hani always attracts fans’ attention.
The shows where the two appear are always hilarious.

The shows where the two appear are always hilarious.

Hani and Heechul are known as two idols that are both extra and have great interactions with each other. Every show featuring Hani and Heechul make the audiences laugh from start to finish. Hani and Heechul are very close. As a result, many netizens expect the two to date each other and maybe go even further. Just imagine Hani and Heechul getting married. Their family would definitely be Kpop’s most extra family, right?

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