Han Ye-seul and Lee Si-young, who caused controversies with their SNS posts, chose to delete the controversial photos instead of explaining their faults

Actresses Han Ye-seul and Lee Si-young have recently been criticized for their inappropriate online activities. However, the way they solved the problems made netizens even angrier.

“SNS is a waste of life” – This saying of former football coach Alex Ferguson has been proven to be correct once again. Actress Han Ye-seul and Lee Si-young are under fire for posting photos capturing their inappropriate action and children’s naked body, respectively, on SNS.


Han Ye-seul and Lee Si-young seem to have posted photos on their SNS pages recklessly just to show off. However, their thoughtless behaviors are enough to cause controversies.

On May 2nd, Han Ye-seul uploaded photos taken during her trip in the U.S along with the caption “HIKING THROUGH WONDERS”. The released pictures show Han the actress visiting the Antelope Canyon in Las Vegas. 


Han Ye-seul climbed the sandstone wall and took a commemorative photo of her stepping on the sandstone walls. The place she visited does not allow touches on the sandstone walls to prevent them from being damaged. Stepping on the canyon walls is also prohibited. There is actually an information sign that says “No climbing and hiking the surrounding rock walls in the canyon” placed in front of the entrance to the canyon.

han ye seul

Many netizens who saw Han Ye-seul’s post pointed out her inappropriate action. As the controversy arose, Han Ye-seul secretly deleted only the controversial photo without giving any explanation. She continued to show her “my way” move by posting scenery pictures of her road trip and luxurious accommodation.

In fact, this is not the first time Han Ye-seul took such thoughtless proof shots. In February last year, she visited a restaurant in Cheongdam-dong and captured the moments she was sitting and lying on a table full of plates, spoons and water. She released them through SNS and wrote the caption “The good point in arriving at the promised place early♥ Infinite photo time”. These photos are still on Han Ye-seul’s personal account.


Like Han Ye-seul, another actress has also been criticized for her SNS activities which do more harm than good. That’s Lee Si-young. Lee Si-young updated her SNS on May 1st with several photos and said, “My boy asks me when I will have another filming schedule in Busan every day. It felt so great looking at these pictures”. In the photos, Lee Si-young was taking capturing moments with her son at the beach in Busan and the hotel where they stayed.


The pictures caused big trouble. In one of the released photos, Lee Si-young showed the back of her son Jung Yoon standing on the balcony of the hotel while being naked. Some netizens reacted, “When your son grows up, he will feel ashamed of this photo”. They also asked the actress to delete the controversial photo. Eventually, Lee Si-young decided to delete it. Just like Han Ye-seul, Lee Si-young is continuing her SNS activities without releasing any explanation. 


In particular, Lee Si-young’s photo raised controversy over “Sharenting”. “Sharenting” is a combined word of “share” and “parenting” and it refer to the act of parents sharing children’s daily life on SNS. Since more and more parents began to use SNS, the controversy over Sharenting has intensified. In some cases, children’s privacy has been violated and exposed to crimes due to the reveal of their personal information.

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Lee Si-young was also invited on a trip to Switzerland as a Swiss Tourism Ambassadors’ Swiss Friends in February this year when everyone was careful about the COVID-19 virus. The actress posted many photos and videos throughout her trip. At that time, the number of COVID-19 patients in Korea was soaring. Lee Si-young’s proof shot of when she was not wearing a mask was inevitably subject to criticism.

Han Ye-seul and Lee Si-young are celebrities who have many followers. Public SNS is not a private space. The two are communicating with many fans through SNS and actively using their public accounts as a means of promotion by posting advertisements. Han Ye-seul and Lee Si-young chose to delete the picture. Instead of explaining the issues or apologizing, the two remain silent. It is their own decision that made the public have an unfriendly look at them. 

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