Han So Hee dresses simple but stylish… Turn the airport into a catwalk

Han So Hee’s appearance during her visit to the UK to attend an event attracted a lot of attention from the public.

The airport is where Korean stars show off their best beauty, physique and appearance. On Dec 4th, Han So Hee appeared at Incheon Airport to fly to the UK for an event. Immediately, the actress made SNS explode because of her beautiful looks at the airport.

han so hee airport

Although Han So Hee only wore simple clothes and put on simple make-up, it was enough to stand out. Right from the moment the actress appeared, netizens had to admire her bright white skin, perfect beautiful face and top-notch charisma. Every step of Han So Hee turned the airport into a catwalk. The actress truly deserves the title of the most beautiful new-generation goddess on the Korean screen nowadays.

han so hee airport

Right from the moment Han So Hee got out of the car, she made the public go crazy as she was so pretty and attractive

She walked at the airport as if on the catwalk. Han So Hee’s gesture of stroking her hair helped her look more stylish and liberal

han so hee airport

The simple black outfit highlighted Han So Hee’s ideal body and bright white skin

Han So Hee is still beautiful in reporters’ unedited photos

han so hee airport

The actress owns a perfectly beautiful face, luxurious aura, big round eyes, high nose and charming lips. She has a beauty that is sweet, lovely yet sharp

The new goddess of the Korean screen is beautiful in every moment, even when the wind blows her hair

Source: K14

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