Han Seo-hee apologized for swearing at the judge and claimed not guilty to taking methamphetamine

Sentenced to prison for administering drugs during her probation, Han Seo-hee apologized for causing a disturbance at the first trial by swearing at the judge and claimed not guilty to taking methamphetamine.

On the morning of April 8th, the trial for Han Seo-hee on charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act under the supervision of the Suwon District Court’s 3-2 Criminal Division was held. Han Seo-hee appeared at the trial in the prison uniform.

Han Seo-hee’s lawyer insisted that there was no other evidence to prove the crime except for the urine test result. Han Seo-hee’s representative said, “We already denied this in the first trial. There was nothing more than a positive urine test among concrete evidence that can prove the indictment”. Regarding the claim of Han Seo-hee’s side, the prosecutor was asked to dismiss the appeal.

Han Seo-hee

Han Seo-hee’s lawyer apologized for swearing at the judge. Han Seo-hee’s side said, “The defendant has acknowledged her wrongdoings and is deeply regretting and reflecting on her inappropriate and unfaithful attitude during the previous trial. According to interview records at the probation office, she has been receiving psychotherapy. She lost control due to her unstable mental situation after receiving unfair punishments. However, this is still a serious mistake and we have no excuse for that. We apologize for the action of the defendant. We hope you understand that it will not happen again”.

Han Seo-hee’s representative continued to claim that Han Seo-hee dropped the paper cup during the urine test. They said, “From the initial statement until now, we insisted that the paper cup was dropped during the urine test”, adding, “We cannot rule out the circumstances in which the urine might have been contaminated”.

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