Han Ji-min’s innocent beauty surprises “Behind Your Touch” staff

Actress Han Ji-min's innocent beauty during the filming of "Behind Your Touch" made the staff members admire her

On Sep 25th, a making video titled “What genre is this now?” was released through the YouTube channel “JTBC Drama”.

The video showed Han Ji-min filming the scene of Eui-hwan (Yang Jae-seong)’s funeral. In the video, Han Ji-min smiled happily while looking at mulhoe (cold raw fish soup) prepared for the shoot, saying, “I actually like mulhoe, but it’s too cold today.”

Han Ji-min then filmed a sweet two-shot with Suho, who plays the role of Seon-woo. She showcased her innocent beauty, leaving the staff members wondering if it was CG magic.

Han Ji-min

Finally, when Han Ji-min joined Lee Min-ki, who plays the role of Jang-yeol, for a reasoning scene, she struggled to hold back her laughter. Her laughter burst out during Lee Min-ki’s serious reasoning, and it spread to Lee Min-ki and the staff members.

Consequently, they decided to bet 1 million won that if anyone laughed during the shoot, they would have to pay up.

As a result, Han Ji-min managed to hold back her laughter and successfully completed the shoot. She said “I can’t cause trouble (to the staff members)” while Lee Min-ki humorously remarked, “The secret is 1 million won.

Source: Nate

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