Han Hyo-joo Reflects on ‘Moving’: A Challenge at 33

Actress Han Hyo-joo has shared her thoughts upon the ending of ‘Moving’

On the 23rd, Han Hyo-joo said, “At that time, when I was 33, 34 years old, the character Im Mi-hyun was like a challenging character, like a big mountain that I couldn’t easily choose.” She continued, “Even after making the choice, I repeated my worries and couldn’t eat or sleep well. But when I went to the first filming location, I wasn’t alone there.”

Han Hyo-joo Jo In-seong Lee Jeong-ha

Han Hyo-joo expressed, “With precise direction and a warm director, Bong Seok, as well as a professional and diligent team, I was able to immerse myself in the role of Mi-hyun, the mother of Bong Seok, and Mi-hyun, the youngest chief agent in love, without feeling inadequate in confidence.” She went on to say, “I was fortunate to meet a husband who cares for me meticulously and sharply and a son who fills my heart with a love so deep that it doesn’t hurt even if I hold him in my eyes. I was happy.” She also expressed her affection for her on-screen husband, Jo In-sung, and son, Lee Jung-ha.

Han Hyo-joo Lee Jeong-ha

She went on to say, “During the slightly over one-year filming period and the later part of two years of post-production, as an actress who witnessed the creation of the work ‘Moving‘ through the passion of so many people, I felt a sense of wonder. Every person involved was the best, and those who enjoyed watching the show were also the best.”

In response to Han Hyo-joo’s heartfelt words, her on-screen son, Lee Jeong-ha, replied, “Mom was my everything. Thank you for raising me so beautifully.”

Source: Daum

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