Lee Min Ho’s 3 rumored girlfriends all fall for this handsome actor

Netizens wonder how Lee Min Ho would react knowing this story

After Dispatch reported Lee Min Ho and Yeon Woo‘s dating news, the companies of both actors have denied the rumor. Following the news, netizens had recalled various stories related to Lee Min Ho’s ex-‘rumored girlfriends’ and found out that the 3 girls have one similarity.


‘Nation’s first love’ Suzy had expressed her admiration for Kang Dong Won many times and chose him as her ideal type. When Suzy appeared on SBS’s show ‘Healing Camp, Aren’t You Happy’, she emphasized that she’s a big fan of Kang Dong Won and had watched the movie ‘Jeon Woo Chi’ up to 7 times because of him. At that time, Suzy even remembered Kang Dong Won’s schedules. She congratulated him on the date he was discharged from the military and expressed that she would always support him.

Suzy smiled shyly and chose Kang Dong Won as her ideal type, leaving behind many other handsome actors, including Song Joong Ki, Kim Soo Hyun, So Ji Sub…

Lee Min Ho’s other ex-lover, Park Min Young, also confessed to falling in love with Kang Dong Won. Specifically, the actress also expressed on the program Section TV that she really wants to collaborate with Kang Dong Won in a drama. She has watched many works of the actor and liked him very much.


And yet, the 3rd girl who was caught by Dispatch dating Lee Min Ho could not escape the charm of Kang Dong Won. Yeonwoo – a former MOMOLAND member, when asked about her ideal type, called Kang Dong Won’s name without thinking.


Kang Dong Won is a desirable handsome man in the Korean entertainment industry. Not only these female stars but also many celebrities have confessed their love for him right on television, including famous names like Taeyeon (SNSD), Hyorin (SISTAR), Seulgi (SNSD). Red Velvet)…

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