ZE:A’s Im Si Wan proves himself to be a trustworthy actor in star-studded movie ”Emergency Declaration”

Despite being an idol actor, Im Si Wan is able to make his own mark in “Emergency Declaration” among established names in the industry. 

Remarkable supporting actor among “Best Actors” and “Best Actresses” 

In the recent disaster-action movie “Emergency Declaration”, apart from established “Best Actors” and “Best Actresses” namely Song Kang Ho, Lee Byung Hun, Kim Nam Gil and Jeon Do Yeon, Im Si Wan appears as a young and emerging star. While the youngest cast member with relatively little acting experience and an idol-turned-actor background, Im Si Wan is still able to leave a mark thanks to a very important role in the film: the sole villain. 

im si wan
Im Si Wan’s characterization in “Emergency Declaration” 

In the movie, Im Si Wan plays Jin Seok, a quiet and mysterious guy who boards the flight number KI501 from South Korea to Hawaii. He is the source of terror for those of the same flight by spreading an unidentified virus. While lacking in screen time and wrapping up his role at the climax, the actor still haunts the mind of viewers with impressionable acting performance, ominous appearance, glaringly evil eyes and a cold-bloodedness behind a handsome face. Especially outstanding and goose-bump generating is the hoarse voice that Im Si Wan is able to convey as Jin Seok. After the film, many movie-goers even remark that Jin Seok is the highlight of the film, leaving the film more dull after the actor finished his role on-screen. Though less major than other big names, this villain role helps Im Si Wan to further establish himself as a professional actor and not only a part-time idol-turned-acting. 

im si wan
Si Wan is highly regarded after this role 

Im Si Wan’s career ups and downs before “Emergency Declaration”

Born in 1988, Im Si Wan joined the Korean entertainment industry in 2010 as a member of 9-member idol group ZE:A. Although having both the looks and the vocals, Si Wan’s music career was not as successful. The group’s attempt to debut a subunit named “ZE:AxFIVE” did not make any breakthrough within the dynamic K-pop industry. 

Following the same fashion, in his earlier years of acting, Im Si Wan only took over insignificant guest roles in film works. Fortunately, Si Wan’s natural and impressive acting performances quickly helped him erase the prejudices against idol-turned-actors and further proved his presence in both television dramas and feature-length movies. In 2013, Im Si Wan received the “Best New Actor” Award at the prestigious “Baeksang Arts Awards” thanks to his role in the office drama “Misaeng”. Afterwards, the actor appeared in the block-buster crime action movie “The Merciless” and received the honor of being the first Korean idol to walk on the red carpet of “Cannes Film Festival”. That year, his role  accumulated film critics’ recognition around the world for his acting prowess. 

im si wan
Im Si Wan at Cannes Film Festival

His acting career was interrupted two years due to his military enlistment. In 2019, exactly after his return from the military, Im Si Wan immediately caused a powerful sensation with the heavyweight psychological thriller series “Strangers From Hell”. In the drama, he plays the leading male character Yoon Jong Woo – a newcomer to Seoul to build his career. Cash- strapped in the capital, Jong Woo has to stay in a cheap flat, along with countless freaky dwellers who push his life to a brand new gloomy and deadly turn. Unfortunately, after “Strangers From Hell”, not many of  his movies or drama shows really succeeded commercially. Nevertheless, his acting capability is undeniable after his previous recognition and achievement. 

im si wan
Im Si Wan in “Strangers From Hell”

Secretive personal life, usually doing charity 

Much as the actor is now 34, Si Wan is still known to be single. He does not share much about his personal life in the news. He leads a secretive life and mainly appears in front of the public through film projects.

im si wan

Im Si Wan is also known for his charity work. He once donated his entire salary from his military service to an elementary school along with his fans. He recently donated 20 million Korean Won for the Hope Bridge Korea Disaster Relief Association to aid people suffering from heavy rains and floods in Korea. He also made countless donations without making any public announcement. 

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