“Greatest guests ever” Kim Na-young, excited to meet Kim Yu-na → Nam Joo-hyuk at Dior Fashion Show

Kim Na-young showed her colorful daily life by meeting celebrities at the Dior Show.

On May 4th, Kim Na-young posted a video titled “VLOG The first Dior Fashion Show in Korea! A large number of famous guests appeared!” on her YouTube channel “Kim Na-young’s nofilterTV”.

In the video, Kim Na-young showed her excitement, “Today is a historic day. The Dior Fashion Show is held at Ewha Womans University in Seoul today. I heard only a small number of people were invited. I’m invited too.”

Kim Na-young made everyone laugh as she said, “I want to sit next to Nam Joo-hyuk. I’m not trying to satisfy my greed. I’m doing this to show my subscribers. What I want to ask him the most is his phone number.”

kim na young

Kim Na-young chose Dior’s dress as her outfit for the fashion show. After getting her makeup done, Kim Na-young headed to the Dior Fashion Show. Kim Na-young said, “I haven’t spoken English for a long time. I don’t know what to do if I am asked questions.”

Kim Na-young stood at the photo wall to take pictures then came down. Next to Kim Na-young were Jang Yoon-ju and Irene Kim. Kim Na-young said, “Between models? It’s burdensome.”

Kim Na-young approached No:ze and Lee Jung then talked to them. Kim Na-young said, “I’m a fan of you guys. Nice to meet you. Can I take a photo with you? Just one photo”, then appeared in front of the camera.

After greeting Irene and Jang Yoon-joo, Kim Na-young came to where Jung Hae-in was sitting. Jung Hae-in said, “Hello, I’m actor Jung Hae-in. The show is about to begin. I’m nervous since I can’t wait to see it”.

kim na young

Park Jae-beom, who was also caught in the video, said, “Long time no see, noona. Nice to see you. You still look beautiful”. In addition, Kim Na-young showed a quick shot of other celebrities, including Kim Seo-hyung, Kim Min-ha, Sehun, and Nam Joo-hyuk, 

Later, the show began. As soon as it finished, Kim Na-young ran to Kim Yu-na. Kim Yu-na drew attention as she said, “Please watch nofilterTV”.

Lastly, Kim Na-young expressed her happiness, saying, “The show was great. The guests on the show today were unbelievable. I was successful”. 

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