Go Yoon-jung sends heartfelt message after the wrap up of “Moving”

Go Yoon-jung expressed her feelings about leaving the set of “Moving”

On September 21st, Go Yoon-jung posted a lengthy message on her social media channel along with a photo of her at the filming site of “Moving.”

Go Yoon-jung said, “Jang Hee-soo’s 100 Days. The ‘Moving’ that I couldn’t take my eyes off for a moment until the end has finally ended,” adding, “As one of the viewers like you, I am sad to think that the time I waited for ‘Moving’ and enjoyed it every week is already over. The past two months have been so happy thanks to “Moving,” which doesn’t miss anything, including all the lovely and wonderful characters, exciting storylines, colorful and rich spectacles.”

Go Yoon-jung

“Although it’s been a while since I finished filming, seeing the finished work reminds me of the memories I had while filming, and I was so happy to realize the love you gave me these days, so it’s all the more regrettable to say good-bye to “Moving” and Hee-soo like this,” she added.

Go said, “Moving” and Hee-soo was a work and character that made me learn that we are all different and special people, and that our driving force is love. I will try to become an actress who works harder in the future with the love of Ju-won, the love of Bongseok and Gang-hoon, and the love of fans.”

Go Yoon-jung

“Director Park In-je, Park Yoon-seo, writer Kang Full, all seniors and fellow actors, all the staff of production companies and Disney+ employees who worked hard for this work, you did a great job. And lastly, Disney+ subscribers and fans of “Moving” who made this production hotter and more moving! Thank you so much for your love for “Moving” and Hee-soo,” she wrote, “Moving and Heesoo, let’s go until the end!!! I love you two so much and congratulations on your graduation.”

In the comment section, Jo In-sung and Ryu Seung-ryong left their comments congratulating.

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