The contestant cried bitterly after being eliminated twice in a reality show of MBC

Netizens were angry, saying that the producer did not respect the contestants

MBC’s reality show – My Teenage Girl recently caused a stir in the online community when a female contestant was eliminated twice due to technical errors. Specifically, 4 contestants, Park Hyo Rim, Yoo Jae Hyun, Kim Ri Na and Kim Soo Hye, performed NOW by FIN.KL. Each of them must win 3/4 of the votes from the judges to be able to advance to the next round.

Two members Kim Soo Hye and Kim Ri Na had enough votes and were allowed to proceed to the next round, while the other two, Yoo Jae Hyun and Park Hyo Rim, had to say goodbye to the show because they only received 2 votes. The contestants burst into tears when they were eliminated, but when they were about to step down, the judges suddenly asked them to come back because the results were not the same as the original judgment.

The production team did not announce the results as requested by the judges. Therefore, an emergency meeting was held at the studio.

my teenage girl

According to the final result, Yoo Jae Hyun was the one with 3 votes, so the only one who had to leave the game was Park Hyo Rim. That means Park Hyo Rim has been eliminated twice in front of the audience and her family.

At this cruel situation, judge Ok Joo Hyun couldn’t hold back her tears. She apologized to Park Hyo Rim for “hurting her twice”.

 Ok Joo Hyun

The incident caused the online community to criticize the show for not removing this segment and accusing the show of deliberately attracting attention.

Netizens’ comments:

  • Poor her. Park Hyo Rim is only 17 years old. She is too young to bear such a situation.
  • This show is a flop. MBC is even worse than Mnet!
  • They mocked Mnet and then acted so badly towards a child
  • I swear I won’t watch any more survival shows like this. It’s too cruel for the trainees.
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