Knetizens compared the 3 centers of Girls Planet 999: The Korean trainee is biased among the 3 girls

It is true that the 3 center girls are still lacking and need to improve their skills.

A few episodes of the Girls Planet 999 have been broadcasted, yet people are still raising arguments to discuss the visuals and talents of the 3 centers of the show. 

Moreover, the fact that there are 3 centers from 3 different countries has caused controversies. As a result, the girls were put on the scale to be compared with each other. Recently, a video that compared the title song “O.O.O” performance fancams of this 3 center were uploaded and immediately became a hot topic.

The 3 centers of Girls Planet: Shen Xiaoting, Kim Da Yeon, and Ezaki Hikaru
The “O.O.O” Centers fancam comparison

The 3 centers hold different performing styles and unique strengths. Da Yeon created special gestures for her performance. She was good at controlling the moves of her hair and had flexible dance moves. Ezaki Kikaru attracted the audience with a variety of facial expressions, along with her strong and sharp dance moves. Meanwhile, Shen Xiaoting caught the eyes with her outstanding height. Moreover, her long arms and legs made her moves look more elegant and beautiful.

girls planet 999
Dayeon (left) has the strength in gentle, feminine movements
girls planet 999
girls planet 999
Ezaki Hikaru (right) has an advantage with rhythmic, fast, and decisive choreography
girls planet 999
Ezaki Hikaru
girls planet 999
Shen Xiaoting’s long arms and legs made her moves look more elegant and beautiful.
girls planet 999
Shen Xiaoting

Regarding Knetiezens’ opinions, most pointed out the positives and shortcomings of all three girls. However, if evaluating them, the best is Dayeon, followed by Ezaki Hikaru, and the worst individual is Shen Xiaoting.

  • The Chinese girl doesn’t use her face at all; she’s tall and looks stiff. If you look at the movement of the hair, everyone will definitely love the Korean girl. The Japanese girl looks small, so she doesn’t stand out…
  • The Korean girl is the best, and the Chinese girl is the worst
  • I think the Japanese girl dances the bestㅋㅋ
  • Japanese girls have short limbs and poor proportions
  • Koreans have good expressions and details, so it’s good to see them, but a bit too much
  • I think Korean girls sing and dance the best
  • The Korean girl uses her body well, she dances well, and the Chinese girl is stiff; the Japanese girl is a bit too much.
  • But depending on how they use their hair, their skills look so different
  • There seems to be a certain charm that makes me attracted to Hikaru, everyone is good, but I like Hikaru the most
  • I don’t know how to dance, but the Korean girl looks the best
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