“Go give your wife a kiss”, Kim Jong Kook’s reaction when Ji Suk Sin caught the virus

Kim Jong Kook had a hilarious reaction when he knew Ji Suk Jin tested positive for COVID-19. 

On February 24th, in a new video posted on ‘GYM JONG KOOK’, after the quarantine was lifted, Kim Jong Kook sat down with the PD of his Youtube channel and talked about his experience with being infected with the virus. 

He first mentioned the fact that every member of SBS’s variety show ‘Running Man’ were diagnosed with COVID-19, except for Song Ji Hyo. Kim Jong Kook said, “Most of the “Running Man” members tested positive. But strangely, Ji Hyo was fine and she’s not even vaccinated.”

Kim Jong Kook also revealed the witty reaction of Running Man members regarding Ji Suk Jin, a married man, when he got infected. 

kim jong kook

When the PD said, “Those who have families would feel extra concerned once they catch the virus”, Kim Jong Kook said, “Suk Jin mentioned that while we were having a video call. When I asked, ‘Wouldn’t it be better if you are in quarantine with your wife?’, he said yes. So we told him, ‘Suk Jin! Go give your wife a huge kiss!'”, making everyone laugh.

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Kim Jong Kook revealed that he had a video call with the members of ‘Running Man’ during self-quarantine. He said, “We did a group video chat and we all showed symptoms on the same day. I thought it was only a cold. It felt like one. But I’ve never had headaches whenever I caught a cold. But my head hurt.”

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Regarding the symptoms at the time of diagnosis, he said, “My body was in great condition, but I kept getting cold sweats. So I put on clothes and exercised like crazy at my home gym. I was pouring sweat. Then I lost my sense of smell. It’s back about 10% now. I was constantly hungry, so I ate six meals a day.”

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