From Kim Jong-kook to Ji Suk-jin… The current situation of “Running Man” is really bad

COVID-19 could not be avoided even on birthdays. It is the story of broadcaster Ji Suk-jin.

Sports Donga reported on Feb 10th that “Ji Suk-jin tested positive by the COVID-19 self-diagnosis kit.” According to Sports Donga, Ji Suk-jin is currently undergoing a PCR test and waiting for the result.

Ji Suk-jin tested positive of COVID-19

Depending on Ji Suk-jin‘s test result, it is forecasted that the programs in which he is appearing will be affected. Ji Suk-jin is participating in variety shows such as SBS’s “Running Man” and MBC every1’s “The Oppa of Tteokbokki House”.

In particular, “The Oppa of Tteokbokki House”, which is filming on Feb 10th (today), plans to have Ji Suk-jin take part in the recording if his PCR test is negative and not if the test result is positive.

As Kim Jong-kook, another member of “Running Man“, was also confirmed to be infected with COVID-19 earlier, the public is paying attention to Ji Suk-jin‘s progress.

Ji Suk-jin tested positive of COVID-19

Kim Jong-kook felt mild cold symptoms on Feb 9th, so he preemptively conducted a self-diagnosis kit test, and the result was positive. After that, he underwent a PCR test and was finally confirmed on Feb 10th.

Ji Suk-jin tested positive of COVID-19

Ji Suk-jin, who celebrated his birthday on this day, shared his joy through SNS, which made it even sadder. Ji Suk-jin was born on Feb 10th, 1966 and is 57 years old this year.

Ji Suk-jin tested positive of COVID-19

He expressed his gratitude by authenticating the coffee truck that fans sent to the “Running Man” recording studio.

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