“All Of Us Are Dead”’s Lomon: “I was born in Uzbekistan, but I’m a descendant of Goryeo people, I’m Korean”     

Actor Lomon said he was a descendant of the Goryeo people in Uzbekistan.


On Feb 10th, actor Lomon had an interview about the Netflix series “All Of Us Are Dead.” On this day, Lomon talked about his identity as a descendant of the Goryeo people from Uzbekistan.

All Of Us Are Dead” is a story about students who are isolated inside their school where the zombie virus began and had to join hands together to survive while waiting for rescue.

In the play, Lomon plays the role of Soo-hyuk, a student with good looks and excellent athleticism who is in charge of dangerous tasks during the zombie crisis and is a strong supporter of his friends.

All Of Us Are Dead

Thanks to his manly appearance and reliable Soo-hyuk character, Lomon is gaining worldwide popularity as soon as “All Of Us Are Dead” is released.

In particular, Lomon is gaining popularity in Uzbekistan and Central Asia. He said, “I’m from Uzbekistan, but I’m a descendant of the Goryeo people and a Korean. Thank you for the love from Uzbekistan,” he mentioned his alleged mixed race.

Through this interview, many fans around the world learned that Lomon was a descendant of the Goryeo people.

According to the Doosan Encyclopedia, Goryeo people refer to the Korean people who moved to Russia and the former Soviet Union (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, etc.) from around 1860 to August 15, 1945, due to agriculture immigration, Independence Movement, compulsory mobilization,… and their relatives.

When asked if he was uncomfortable with working in Korea as an actor from a multicultural family, Lomon said, “I came from an elementary, middle, and high school in Korea and never felt like a multicultural family in Korea. Thank you for all the love and attention from many different countries,” he appreciated.

Meanwhile, “All Of Us Are Dead” has been No. 1 worldwide in the Netflix TV show category for 12 consecutive days since its release on the 26th of last month, continuing its global sensation.

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