Kim Jong-kook: “It’s amazing that unvaccinated Song Ji-hyo didn’t get infected…My sense of smell is back by 10%”

Singer Kim Jong-kook looked back on the time when he was infected by the virus. 

On the YouTube channel “GYM Jong-kook,” starring Kim Jong-kook, a video titled “Muscular Fighter…” was posted on Feb 24th. 

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Kim Jong-kook met the PD again after being released from quarantine. The two both got infected at the same time. However, Kim Jong-kook said, “All the members of Running Man got infected, but it’s so amazing that Song Ji-hyo didn’t get infected. She didn’t get the vaccine at all,” he said, surprised. Song Ji-hyo was unable to get the vaccine due to her allergy to Western medicine

GYM Jong-kook

Then, he made a group video call with the members of “Running Man“, and all of them had the same symptoms. “I thought it was a cold. I’ve never had a headache due to a cold, but my head hurt,” he said adding, “I stabbed my own nose deeply, and strangely, two lines came out on the kit. The next day, my nose became stuffy like an allergy,” he said, sharing the symptoms after being confirmed positive.

GYM Jong-kook

Kim Jong-kook said, “I’m in good condition, but I’m sweating. I thought it was not good, so I dressed up and went into the home gym and exercised like crazy. I sweated like rain,” he said adding, “Then I lost my nasal congestion like a joke. And the smell disappeared. It’s back about 10% now. I kept losing taste and appetite, so I ate six meals each everyday,” he recalled. 

GYM Jong-kook

The producer said, “People with families will pay a lot of attention if they are confirmed.” In response, Kim Jong-kook said, “Seok-jin happened to talk about it during a video call. “It must be bothering you,” I said, “Isn’t it better to get infected together with your wife?” and he said yes. So I asked him to give his wife a strong kiss for me,” he said, making everyone laugh.

GYM Jong-kook
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