“Giving up permanent residency in the U.S.” Ok Taec-yeon, “Captain Korea” during his first reserve training

2PM’s Ok Taec-yeon revealed his latest status in the military.

Ok Taec-yeon posted on his Instagram on the 11th with the hashtag, “#Captain Korea. #First Reserve Army”. 

In the released photo, Ok Taek-yeon was taking a selfie while wearing a military uniform with his name on it. The photo appeared to have been taken on the way to reserve forces training.

ok taecyeon

Previously, Ok gave up his permanent residency in the United States and joined the military. He received a lot of support after his surgery and treatment and enlisted in active service even though he was judged to only be suitable to serve in public service personnel at first, resulting from a herniated disc. He was nicknamed ‘Captain Korea’ by showing off his extraordinary physique while serving in the military.


Ok Taecyeon is currently starring in tvN’s Friday-Saturday drama “Blind”.

Source: nate

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