The reason why Red Velvet’s Seulgi is not suspected of having plastic surgery: Her face was the same in middle school

Seulgi’s middle school ID photo she posted herself became a hot topic. 

Childhood photos of Korean celebrities have recently gone viral among netizens. Lee Jong Suk and So Ji Sub, who boasted “completely-formed facial features” from an early age, drew keen attention from fans. 

Lee Jong-suk

In the midst of this, Red Velvet’s Seulgi has also created buzz by revealing a photo of her during middle school.

In 2020, Seulgi shared a mirror selfie she took when Red Velvet subunit Irene & Seulgi was promoting. She was wearing a short hair wig with bangs at the time. The female idol captioned the photo, saying she looked like this when she was a middle schooler. 

red velvet seulgi

Two years later, on October 11th, through the private messaging app Bubble, Seulgi shared with fans her ID photo taken when she was in middle school.

In the photo, Seulgi showed off her clear eyes, tall nose, and pretty lips. Except for the hair, she looked the same as she does now.

red velvet seulgi highschool

Fans and netizens were amazed at Seulgi’s new past photo, showing reactions such as “Seulgi really doesn’t seem to have undergone plastic surgery” and “It looks like a photo she took yesterday.”

Meanwhile, Seulgi debuted in 2014 as a Red Velvet member with the 1st single album “Happiness”. Since then, she has been loved by promoting in the subunit Red Velvet-Irene & Seulgi, and the project girl group GOT the Beat.


Seulgi made her official debut as a soloist by releasing her first mini album “28 Reasons” on October 4th. Without her members, Seulgi impressed everyone with her top-notch performance and vocal skills.

Seulgi’s visuals, singing, and dancing are all perfect, so her attention is focused on what kind of activities she will perform in the future as an all-rounder.

Source: insight

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