“Girls Planet 999” Kep1er: “Our role model is Girls’ Generation who have very distinct personality and charms”

Kep1er talked about their role model.  

On the afternoon of Jan 3rd, an online media showcase was held to commemorate the release of Kep1er’s first mini-album “FIRST IMPACT”.

In response to the question, “Kep1er is joined by members who are re-debuting and members who are making their debut for the first time. What efforts did you make to strengthen your bonds with each other?” Kang Ye-seo said, “We seem to have had a lot of conversations because Kep1er has already known each other since the program and are already close to each other. We talked a lot when we were at the dorm or on our way to the dorm, so I think this is the part that we focus on the most.”

Seo Young-eun then said of the titles they want to get and their role models, “The titles we think of are ‘Kep1er who the audience can trust and watch.’ I want to be a group that always shows performances with quality that is enough for fans to see and gain energy,” she added.

Kep1er role model

“Our role model is Girls’ Generation. Each member has a distinct personality and charm, but when they unite as one group and show their perfect performances, that is so cool and we want to be like them” the members added.

Kepler is a girl group composed of the TOP 9 members selected through Mnet’s “Girls Planet 999,” which ended in October last year, and the number “1” in the group name means that nine girls will gather together as one to become the best.


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