Girls’ Generation Tiffany Young raises suspicions of plastic surgery as her nose becomes sharper after “Reborn Rich”

Girls’ Generation Tiffany Young drew attention as she returned with a very different visual.

JTBC’s “PEAK TIME”, which first aired on Feb 15th, depicted challenges of the idols who sublimated their earnestness into the shining stage.

“PEAK TIME” is the first survival program in idol audition history that unfolds as a “team match”.

On this day, active idols who desperately needed a stage, idols who had career breaks, suspended idols, disbanded idols and rookie idols, who had excellent skills and charms but did not see the light of day, competed for survival.

Tiffany Young

MC Lee Seung Gi and idols such as Super Junior Kyuhyun, Jay Park, Girls’ Generation Tiffany Young, Song Mino, Highlight Lee Gi Kwang, Infinite Kim Sung Gyu appeared as judges and left cool-headed reviews.

After the first broadcast, it was none other than Tiffany Young that attracted attention as much as idol teams’ dazzling performances.

Tiffany Young

This is because Tiffany Young showed a visual that was different from her appearance in JTBC’s “Reborn Rich”, which ended last December.

Tiffany Young, who originally had a pretty profile, drew attention by showing off her three-dimensional profile with a particularly high nose on “PEAK TIME”.

Tiffany Young

The tip of Tiffany Young’s nose, which was round like a puppy, also changed to a sharper one, raising suspicions of plastic surgery.

Meanwhile, today (Feb 16th), Tiffany Young will become the special DJ of “GOT7 Youngjae’s Best Friend” on behalf of GOT7 Youngjae, who is absent due to schedule.

Source: insight

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