Go Joon-hee Denied Rumors Of Involvement In Burning Sun, Which Were Raised After She Bought A Luxury Apartment

Go Joon-hee talked about her Burning Sun rumors in a recent YouTube video

On June 11th, a video was uploaded on the YouTube channel “STUDIO SUZE,” featuring actress Go Joon-hee as a guest.

In this video, Go talked about her current home. She lives in a luxury apartment in Seongsu-dong, Seoul. “I’m not sure exactly, but I think it’s been more than 10 years since I lived there. My family moved to a semi-rental house at first, but the next year, a work of mine went well, so I got to shoot more than 20 commercials, filmed a dramas in China and then lived on my own, I was lucky,” Go shared.

Go Jun-hee

Host Jang Sung-kyu said, “Rumors were raised about you. You was also on the related search keyword list related to the Burning Sun case, which was covered by BBC recently,” regarding a past rumor that Go was the so-called Burning Sun actress.

Go Joon-hee explained, “To be honest, I don’t know why I’m related to Burning Sun. I didn’t know where Burning Sun was and I’ve never been to Burning Sun,” adding, “For those years, I’ve been denying this rumor. But no one listened to it, and they (the shows I have been on) edited only my explanation out.”

“What the picture is is that I went to a breast cancer campaign event with that bastard (Seungri). He was under the same agency as me at the time and asked me to take a selfie with him. But I didn’t know that he posted that photo on Instagram because I didn’t follow him. I didn’t care about the Burning Sun incident going on as I was filming a drama at the time,” she said.

Go Jun-hee

Go recalled, “I just got calls from my friends (when the rumors broke out), telling me to take a look at the posts about me on online communities. It started with a comment on the Internet. I contacted my company but they neglected me. So I left this company and hired a lawyer by myself. As netizens keep going around with the comments, it looked as if I had admitted it, and all my works and schedules kept getting canceled.’

Go Joon-hee said, “My mom even had Lee Seok-diagnosis (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo) because of this. I cry when I think of my mom. I’m okay, but when my mom hears that… It’s not her daughter. She hid the fact that she got Lee Seok-diagnosis. I did this job, so my mom doesn’t get sick, but she got sick because of me?” she said in tears.

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