Getting caught up in marriage rumors, EXO Suho immediately had a “response”

While netizens were perplexed by the rumor that Suho (EXO) was about to get married, he responded quickly.

On November 17, the EXO-L community around the world in particular and the public, in general, were stirred up by the rumor that Suho – the leader of EXO – was about to get married in February next year.  This information was revealed by a popular blogger.  In fact, previously, this blogger revealed accurate information about the marriage of Chen, another EXO member.

While the crowds were erupting, Suho had an interesting reaction on social media. Suho’s latest Instagram story featured a photo of him sitting by the beach with the caption “EXO-L.” This image also implies that he is looking at EXO’s fans.

exo suho

Suho’s stories drew a lot of attention from fans and netizens. Many people believe that Suho implicitly denies the rumors, while others believe that he only has fans in his heart.

exo suho

Netizens are still waiting for SM Entertainment and Suho to make an official announcement on the issue.

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