K-netizens Not Impressed with Lisa Performing at Crazy Horse + Actual Audiences Come to Her Defense 

“A K-pop idol shouldn’t do this,” K-netizens share their thoughts after Lisa’s first performance at Crazy Horse

BLACKPINK Lisa‘s performance at the Crazy Horse cabaret in France is garnering much attention. More than 50,000 people reportedly competed for tickets, but the capacity was limited to only 1,000 seats. After the first performance, a photo of Lisa posing with the dancers in her sexy outfit quickly spread on social media. 

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However, this photo immediately sparked controversy among Korean netizens. Most expressed their disappointment with Lisa’s decision to perform at a strip club. Some pointed out that in the photo, the man was the only one not wearing a revealing outfit.

lisa blackpink crazy horse

Some comments from Korean netizens:

  • Women expose their bodies, while the only man is fully covered from head to toe. It’s quite funny.
  • A K-pop idol shouldn’t do this.
  • So a top idol willingly performed at a strip show…
  • Doesn’t she have any shame? What is she doing?

However, actual audiences present at the show had a completely opposite reaction, as everyone was excited and overwhelmed by Lisa’s performance. Many comments criticized the negative reactions. Other opinions praised Lisa’s performance for not being vulgar at all; instead, it was a true work of art.

lisa blackpink crazy horse

Some comments from actual audiences:

  • Lisa had a top-notch performance. She is the best dancer. She was elegant, sexy, and beautiful.
  • I’m so proud of Lisa
  • The performance wasn’t vulgar at all. It was beautiful. As an audience member, I felt comfortable watching all the women there. It was natural and beautiful, truly an expression of art.
  • One of the most impressive parts for me was when Lisa portrayed a stressed-out office worker worried about the stock market crash. Oh my, the moment she threw her tie and glasses…
  • Everything was under control. I was completely mesmerized by Lisa’s movements and expressions. Lisa looked extremely confident, captivating everyone with her gaze and movements.
  • Lisa had four solo segments and two short ones with the dancers. She looked really beautiful. It’s completely different from what I imagined. Her skills and techniques were insane. I don’t know how she had time to prepare all of this.

Source: K14

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