G-Dragon appeared on the same magazine as Jennie after their breakup rumors… Did he gain weight because fans were worried?

G-Dragon and Jennie, who were rumored to have broken up, appeared on the same Youtube channel.

On October 25th, fashion magazine ELLE KOREA released interview videos of G-Dragon, Gong Yoo, Kim Go-eun, Park Seo-joon, Lee Sung-kyung, and Jennie on its official Youtube channel. All of them are ambassadors of the luxury brand Chanel and they gathered for ELLE Korea’s 30th anniversary project. In particular, Jennie and G-Dragon, who were involved in rumors of a breakup, caught the eyes of netizens as they were named together.

G-dragon Elle korea

During the interview after his photoshoot, G-Dragon revealed his thoughts about the attitude that an icon should have. He said, “When I think about my role models or the figures that I was influenced by a lot, one should have some degree of persistence. But that doesn’t mean that one should only persist one’s own thoughts and things. They should continue to look forward of the time and accept what they need to accept quickly. They surely must have their own color”, expressing his belief.

As for the rules that made him who he is now, G-Dragon said, “Let’s ignore the rules. I ignore them all. Stereotypes could be right. But for me at least, rather than benign stuck in a standard, I think a lot of parts were able to get off the standard”.

G-Dragon, who previously worried fans with his skinny body after the breakup rumors, drew attention with his wide squared shoulders and healthy appearance after gaining more weight.

In the case of Jennie, she shared, “I think an icon is a person who has strong opinions and thoughts. Instead of telling stories to whoever who’d agree on or like, I think someone could be called an icon if they have the ability to raise questions based on their own perspective”.

When asked, “What kind of an icon do you think you are?”, Jennie said, “An icon of memories. I’d love it if I’d be an icon that doesn’t represent just an era but is remembered long over time.

Sources: Nate, youtube

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