The syndrome disappears like a mirage…From No:ze to Chuu, trending stars quickly cooled down

No:ze and Chuu have something in common. Both of them were popular enough to sweep Korea, but they suddenly disappeared due to various noises.


In July 2022, No:ze, who gained fame through Mnet’s entertainment program “Street Woman Fighter”, was embroiled in allegations of power trip in her SNS advertising deals. According to some officials from small and medium-sized businesses, she received tens of millions KRW to upload advertising posts onto her SNS, but she did not properly fulfill her job.


Recently, No:ze filed a lawsuit against her agency Starting House for confirmation of obligations and requested a preliminary injunction to stop the exclusive contract’s effect until the lawsuit concludes.


In the case of Chuu, in November 2022, Blockberry Creative shocked the public by announcing their decision to expel and remove Chuu from LOONA through an official fan cafe notice. 

Recently, Blockberry Creative submitted a petition containing the ban on Chuu’s future entertainment activities to the Korea Entertainment Management Association and the Korea Entertainment Producers’ Association.

Source: Daum

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