Freezia “I can go to a nude beach with my lover… Underboob = Fashion that’s not obscene”

Freezia communicated with fans through a balance game.

On August 23rd, YouTuber Freezia posted a video on her YouTube channel freezia” under the title of “I finally tried ASMR”.

On this day, Freezia spent time answering various questions from fans with ASMR. She said, “I’m into art and golf these days. I bought a golf club recently. It’s so much fun.”


She chose bleached beige as the hair color she wants to try. Freezia shared, “I’m too scared to do it. Styling my hair is so important to me, so I need to protect my thick hair.”

A balance game was carried out. When asked “Asking me out via Kakaotalk, Sure vs Don’t like it”, Freezia answered, “I don’t like when someone asks me out via Kakaotalk. I want them to do it in person.” Regarding “Underboob fashion, It’s fashion vs Obscenity”, she chose “It’s fashion”.


About “Going to a nude beach with my bf, I can vs I can’t”, Freezia replied, “I can go. Why can’t you go? You only live once.” Between Ghosting and Moving on to another person immediately after a breakup, she was overly immersed, saying, “I can’t handle both. Ghosting sucks, isn’t it? I mean you should at least tell me directly. I’d rather get moved on to another person immediately after a breakup. But doesn’t it count as cheating?”

Freezia was also asked about (MBTI) Type T bf vs Type F bf. She said, “I like someone who’s type T but becomes type F only to me. But there’s no one who’s like that. If he’s compassionate? I’m not compassionate, so it might be a bit hard. I’ll choose bf who’s type T. How about you, Pringies (Freezia’s fans)? Let me know in the comments.”

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Meanwhile, Freezia stopped her activities due to controversy over using fake luxury products while enjoying popularity after appearing on Netflix’s entertainment show “Single’s Inferno”. She recently returned and is actively communicating with fans through SNS and YouTube.

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