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Netflix CEO expresses expectations for “Single’s Inferno 2” + Manager addresses Freezia’s controversy

Expectations are high for “Single’s Inferno 2” following the success of season 1. 

On July 12th, Netflix Korea’s entertainment meeting event was held in Seoul. Yoo Ki Hwan, manager of Netflix’s content team, chaired the event.

As Netflix’s K-entertainment content has been expanding its popularity not only in Korea but also globally through shows such as “Busted”, “Twogether”, “Single’s Inferno”, “New World”, the meeting was held to comfortably talk about the path Netflix has taken and its future vision, as well as introduce future entertainment shows

Single's Inferno

Reed Hastings, co-CEO of Netflix, appeared in a video message and said, “I came to Korea two weeks earlier, and it’s a shame that I couldn’t be with you. Still, I’m very happy to be able to introduce Netflix’s works.”

He continued, “Now, it is impossible to talk about entertainment around the world without mentioning Korea. Recently, there was ‘Single’s Inferno’. The whole world is falling in love with a Korean dating reality show. I really look forward to season 2 of ‘Single’s Inferno’. Korean series like ‘Squid Game’ and ‘All Of Us Are Dead’ are the center of global trends. Korea is really important to Netflix. I’m grateful that Netflix is ​​growing rapidly. We wish to do well with Korea while sharing the cultural spirit.”

Singles Inferno

Content manager Yoo Ki Hwan also revealed his thoughts on the controversy surrounding the cast of “Single’s Inferno”. Specifically, cast member Freezia (Song Ji A) was embroiled in a controversy over using fake luxury goods after the show was released. 

Regarding this, manager Yoo Ki Hwan said, “When it comes to the problem with ‘Single’s Inferno’, we thought about how the issue arose. Whether it was caused by a mistake in the production process or a problem that occurred after production or after the show was broadcast.” 

song ji a instagram

He continued, “The controversy with ‘Single’s Inferno’ was newly discovered after the show aired. Because there are people who may suffer further damage, we’re not going to edit the whole thing unconditionally.”

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