“Our Beloved Summer” actress Roh Jeong-eui surprised everyone as she revealed her current physical condition with 5.7kg body fat

Actress Roh Jeong-eui drew attention with her admirable body fat percentage.

On August 24th, Roh Jeong-eui spent time communicating with fans through Instagram Story’s Q&A cornet to celebrate her account surpassing 1 million followers.

When a netizen asked, “What’s your body fat percentage?”, Roh Jeong-eui said, “My body fat weighs 5.7kg. I recently worked out really hard, so I increased my muscle and reduced my body fat.”

roh jeong eui

When a fan asked about her secret of body management, Roh Jeong-eui replied, “Pilates, basic exercises, and even dieting. I literally do everything”.

She continued, “I can’t do them often but I just do every time I think of it”, adding “I once suffered a hard time because I did dieting for so long, so I now do it little by little. Above all, I want to improve my physical strength and maintain good health, so I eat well and exercise a lot.”

roh jeong eui

Roh Jeong-eui also revealed, “I want to relieve stress through exercise. I want to go beyond my limits, so I constantly push myself. I understand my body and rest sometimes. When I need to move, I will continue.”

Lastly, Roh Jeong-eui advised, “It’s not fun if you exercise with the concept of losing weight. If you work out for health or in your leisure time, your body and mind will become healthy at some point.”

Meanwhile, Roh Jeong-eui, who started out as a child actress, received a lot of love for her gorgeous visuals in SBS’s drama “Our Beloved Summer” that ended earlier this January. She is currently active as an MC on SBS’s music show Inkigayo.

Source: wikitree

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