Freezia has more than 800 luxury outfits and 2 dressing rooms, how rich is she?

Youtuber Freezia introduced her new house with a view looking to Namsan Tower. 

Freezia recently uploaded on her Youtube channel a new video titled “Revealing Namsan Tower View House on the day of moving?”.

The released video shows Freezia introducing the process of her preparing to move into her new house.

Freezia's New Channel Opens

Two days before moving to her new house, Freezia explained that she had removed all her clothes from the old dressing room and put them in the living room in order to install a new dressing room. Freezia shocked viewers by revealing her luxurious closet including over 800 outfits in total and that she had to prepare two dressing rooms, perhaps because she has too many clothes.


In particular, the first dressing room in her new house is even larger than the living room. The second one with a similar size also caught the eyes of netizens. 

The bedroom in Freezia’s new house was unveiled on the day she moved in. It has a unique semicircular-shaped structure, and one side is filled with mirrors. 

Planning to place the bed in the center, Freezia then proudly showed the incredible view of another room with a makeup table.

She said, “I looked for a house for three months and suddenly encountered this one”, expressing her satisfaction.


Meanwhile, Freezia is a famous beauty content creator with 2.18 million subscribers. She made her face and name known more widely to the public after appearing on Netflix’s original entertainment show “Single’s Inferno”, which ended in January last year.

Freezia recently signed an exclusive contract with Sublime, the agency of actor Song Kang Ho and Girls’ Generation Tiffany Young, and signaled her return to activities.

Source: Nate

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