K-pop Star contestant who captivated SM, JYP, and YG at age 15: Here’s why she disappeared from TV

The current whereabouts of Shin Ji Hoon, an outstanding contestant on SBS’s “K-pop Star 2,” has been revealed.

Recently, a video titled “How is the genius who chewed up ‘K-pop Star and was praised by SM YG JYP doing. Why the former figure skater disappeared from TV” was uploaded to the YouTube channel “Geunhwang Olympics.” The video features the appearance of former “K-pop Star 2” contestant Shin Ji Hoon

shin ji hoon

Here, Shin Ji Hoon happily smiled and said, “It’s been 10 years since ‘K-pop Star 2.’ At that time, I was a sports player and was short. After taking a break from exercising for three months and resting for a month, I grew 10 cm every month. I’m now 169 cm tall.

Shin Ji Hoon appeared on “K-pop Star 2” aired in 2012, and gained recognition by making it to the TOP 6 with her powerful vocals and a resonant voice that received high praise from the judges. Her unique history as a former figure skating athlete also drew attention.

However, Shin Ji Hoon did not appear on TV for a long time after the end of the program, arousing curiosity among the public.

shin ji hoon

Shin Ji Hoon shared, “I took a break from exercising for about a year due to growing pains. After my life as an athlete became difficult, Cube Entertainment contacted me, and things slowly started to fall into place when I signed a contract with them.” 

She added, “But it’s an idol company, so I had the feeling that the company didn’t know what to do with me. I terminated the contract when I was around 20.”

Shin Ji Hoon revealed it was so difficult that she felt like she hit rock bottom. She said, “I tasted a clumsy success when I was 16. I felt my popularity gradually declining, and nobody recognized the song I released when I was 21. My heart was so heavy. I realized that I couldn’t make a proper effort because I tasted success when I was so young. I started again, thinking about experiencing that feeling again, one by one.

Since then, Shin Ji Hoon has been walking down the path of a singer-songwriter. She released her first self-composed song, “Jungle Gym” and has been revealing her presence by releasing countless self-composed songs.

Shin Ji Hoon expressed her desire to become a singer who is like a friend, saying, “Fortunately, things started to get better little by little from that time, and I’m so grateful. I want to become a singer who is like a friend, a singer who is curious and comforts others while sharing both joy and sadness.

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