Lee Jung Jae ended the noodles slurping culture but did the same thing in a CF, “It’s all about capitalism”

The different image of Lee Jung Jae in his noodles CF makes fans burst into laughter.

Last month, the food company Harim released a TV commercial for Bibimmyeon (Spicy Noodles) modeled by actor Lee Jung Jae. The CF video drew attention as it showed Lee Jung Jae enjoying the noodles in his own style.

lee jung jae

In particular, the actor ate the noodles without cutting them and slurping them all at once. This scene drew laughter from fans because the image is somewhat different from what he showed when appearing on MBC’s “Omniscient Interfering View”.

On the broadcast at that time, Lee Jung Jae ate kalguksu with Lee Young Jae and Jung Woo Sung. He didn’t eat the noodles at once but tasted but slowly and quietly and used his chopsticks to cut the noodles.

lee jung jae

However, Lee Jung Jae showed a completely opposite appearance in the Bibimmyeon advertisement. In response, fans commented, “As expected, it’s all about capitalism”, “Belief doesn’t matter when you get an advertisement”, “He stopped the noodles slurping culture but did it in his own CF”, etc.

Other netizens reacted, “The noodles in the CF are actually not long enough to slurp”, “It’s okay to this extent. The CF is quite funny tho”, etc.

Meanwhile, Lee Jung Jae is filming a drama in the worldview of Disney+’s “Star Wars”, which will be released in 2024. 

Source: Insight

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