As SISTAR, Soyou expected to be married before 30? No longer thinking about it

Soyou, a former member of SISTAR, shared her thoughts on the lyrics of “Will I even get married before I turn 30?”

On the May 9th broadcast of SBS PowerFM’s “2 O’Clock Escape – Cultwo Show”, Soyou, Park Si Hwan, and Lee Chaeyeon appeared as guests along with special DJ Yoo Min Sang.

During the show, the participants were surprised to learn of Park Si Hwan’s age, and commented that he looked very young. In response, Park Si Hwan mentioned his Korean age and said shyly, “I’m actually 37”.


Hearing Park Si Hwan’s age, Soyou joked, “It’s not even June yet. Since the legal age change hasn’t been applied, you shouldn’t count your age by the full year.” 

Soyou then mentioned the lyrics “Will I even get married before I turn 30?” from SISTAR’s hit song “Give It To Me”, saying, “I really thought I would get married before 30. I was 22 when I sang this song, so at the time, I thought, ‘Of course I’ll get married before I’m 30. Why did they write these lyrics?”. 

However, Soyou, who is now in her early 30s, still hasn’t got married. 

Afterwards, Kim Tae Gyun asked Soyou if she originally wanted to get married early, to which the singer answered, “I used to, but I don’t think about it these days.”

Upon hearing this, Kim Tae Gyun said, “At this rate, you’ll reach 40,” while Soyou responded with playful banter, showcasing their chemistry.

Source: Daum

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