Former AOA leader overcame bullying controversy, announced solo release

Shin Jimin, former member of girl group AOA, showed off a dreamy atmosphere in her solo album teaser. 

Alomalo Entertainment, the agency of former AOA member Shin Jimin, released a teaser video for Shin Jimin’s first EP album “BOXES” through their official SNS on February 10th.

shin ji min

In the released teaser video, a space full of boxes can be seen, while Shin Jimin was trapped inside a transparent box placed in the middle. Then, an ensuing scene shows the female idol with eyes closed or staring at the front, one after another, creating a dreamy and mysterious atmosphere.

On the other hand, Shin Jimin debuted in 2012 as a member of girl group AOA, and has since garnered a lot of love through multiple hit songs, such as “Short Hair”, “Miniskirt”, “Like a Cat”, and “Bingle Bangle”. However, in July 2020, she left AOA and suspended her entertainment career after former member Kwon Mina claimed that Shin Jimin had been bullying her continuously for 10 years.

shin ji min

Shin Jimin, who disappeared from the entertainment industry for a while, later signed an exclusive contract with Alomalo Entertainment last year and returned as a solo artist. As a result, her first EP album under the new agency is receiving a lot of attention. 

Shin Jimin’s first EP album “BOXES” will be released at noon on February 22nd.

Source: wikitree

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