Finally after 2 years, Yang Hyun Suk is going to let this talented vocalist come back

Fans are very happy to know about Lee Hi’s upcoming comeback, but also express their anger towards YG’s Yang Hyun Suk for keeping her in the dungeon for two years.

On September 23rd, Yang Hyun Suk posted on his SNS wishing Lee Hi a happy birthday. Along with this, the YG president also revealed that the singer is in the recording process for her upcoming song. This means Lee Hi is finally back in the game after 2 years of hiatus.

Yang Hyun Suk’s birthday wish to Lee Hi

The news of Lee Hi‘s comeback is making fans very excited. However, along with this, many are criticizing Yang Hyun Suk for forgetting about the powerful vocalist for too long.

  • “Congratulations to Lee Hi! We’re finally going to see her on music shows.”
  • “Yes, we are happy, but if you think about it, Yang Hyun Suk is too heartless to forget about her for two years.”
  • “Keeping postponing their comebacks, YG is unbelievable.”
  • “YG will regret not paying enough attention to Lee Hi’s career someday.”
Lee Hi’s latest song

Source: Kenh14

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