While (G)I-DLE is on hiatus, what are the members doing?

(G)I-DLE had to suspend activities due to Soojin’s scandal.  So the remaining members of the group began to perform individual activities.

In March of this year, Cube Entertainment announced that member Soojin would be temporarily halting promotional activities due to the school bullying scandal.  Therefore, (G)I-DLE as a group has also been on hiatus for a while.  Since releasing their 4th mini album ‘I Burn’ in January this year, the group has only released one more single “Last Dance”.

Soyeon – Expected to make a solo comeback soon.

(G)I-DLE Soyeon

Miyeon – Promoted as an MC of ‘M!  Countdown’, a radio DJ, attended Kingdom. Now she is in the process of considering new film projects


Yuqi – Promoted in China through variety shows and other activities.

Minnie – Back home in Thailand, waiting for the premiere of the sitcom “So Not Worth It”.


Shuhua – Back home in Taiwan.

Some fans also expressed disappointment that the (G)I-DLE members were unable to celebrate their 3rd debut anniversary together due to scheduling conflicts.

Netizens comment:

  • “They did a great job, if not for the bad decisions made by Cube at the start of the whole controversy.”
  • “I didn’t even know the foreign members went home.”
  • “Are they still waiting until the scandal are forgotten so they can quietly make a comeback with all 6 members…”

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