Favorite makeup looks of aespa members revealed, Karina has no need for blush?

4 members of famous girl group aespa revealed their different preferences for makeup products and overall makeup styles. 

On January 16th, a video titled “aespa’s interview #askmeanything | ELLE KOREA” was published on the official YouTube channel of fashion magazine Elle Korea. 

On this day, aespa conducted a brief interview after taking a pictorial for Yves Saint Lauren Beauty. 

When asked about each member’s favorite lipstick color, Winter said, “I use ‘Velvet Tint #220’ often. It’s not just coral, it’s rosy coral”. The female idol also stated that she’s a fan of coral, and the color makes the face look lively.

Meanwhile, NingNing revealed that “Velvet Tint #221” is her favorite, seeing that it looks like a drop of brown is mixed in it, making it suitable for both warm tone and cool tone. 

Gisele, on the other hand, went for “Velvet Tint #221” and “Velvet Tint #221” since they brighten the face. 

Finally, Karina said her favorite is the standard red, and went for “Velvet Tint #201”. “Isn’t it pretty?”, she said, exuding confidence.

Elle korean aespa

Afterwards, aespa members are asked about their usual self-makeup style, to which NingNing replied, “When it is for a performance, we often do strong and fancy makeup. But usually, I really like neat and natural vibe.”

Hearing this, Winter expressed, “I am similar to NingNing. To make the skin tone lively, I just use blush or lip balm. And I tend to accentuate the eyelashes.”

Elle korean aespa

Karina also explained, “Usually, I put on less makeup. I have a flush, so there are times when I don’t use the blush. If I want to spice up the look, I use one product as the lip and blush.”

Finally, Gisele shared that she likes a “no-makeup” makeup look, saying, “When I put on makeup, I do it really lightly. So even if I put on makeup, just the lip product? Something that can be shown to others…”

Hearing this, Winter made everyone laugh by chiming in, “So that others won’t think that you are sick?”

Source: Naver, YouTube

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