Fans of aespa’s Karina Accused of View Manipulation? 

A topic accusing fans of aespa’s Karina of manipulating views for Karina’s “Supernova” fancam is gaining attention. 

At late night on May 20, a topic titled “aespa’s view number is always manipulated” was published on the Korean forum Pann Nate, drawing attention with over 50,000 views and almost 400 comments. 

According to the author of the topic, fans of aespa’s Karina manipulated the views on Karina’s “Supernova” fancam, and provided “evidence” by comparing it to Winter’s fancam. 

aespa views

Particularly, while Karina’s “Supernova” fancam has more than double the number of views compared to Winter’s, the number of likes for the former was way lower, suggesting that the views are inflated. 

As if putting flame to the fire, the author also included Winter’s reaction to her fancam trending and hinted that Winter also cared about the view number.

aespa views

Reading such accusations, some Korean netizens put the blame on Chinese fans of Karina. Many, however, find the obsession with view counts simply perplexing.

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • There’s nothing we can do about it because Chinese fans are like that… Korean fans are also annoyed.
  • The fact that the views increased by 3,000 in just 10 seconds are weird, yet the fans continue to ignore it whenever someone points it out 
  • Who cares? Everyone knows both Winter and Karina are popular
  • I hope these view comparison will stop because it will just cause the members to be bitter with each other
  • aespa’s fandom need to address this properly because it’s so obvious.

Source: Pann Nate

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