TWICE Mina’s hip line becomes a hot topic: Once skinny, now sexy

Fans were amazed at TWICE’s Japanese member – Mina’s curves and a seductive expression.

A picture of Mina (TWICE) is drawing fans’ attention. In the photo Twice taken with Jessi at the Showterview show, Mina became the center of attention due to her sexy sitting posture. Fans were shocked by the sexy hip line of the Japanese female idol. Fans think that Mina is becoming more and more mature, but they didn’t expect her to confidently show off her beauty in such a “bold” way like this.

twice mina 97249
twice mina 9279

Twice fans joked that they didn’t know what Jessi did to make Mina suddenly become like that. With the same posture, Jeong Yeon, Tzuyu and Momo look gentle, while the TWICE’s Japanese me posing like a sexy Western-style girl is extremely attractive. Fans were also surprised when they realized that Mina has a hot 3rd round, even measuring up to Jessi. Previously, she had a skinny body, but this comeback has proven that the Japanese has a hot body.

twice mina 2727
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Here are some comments: “Jessi’s 3rd round is too popular, but Mina’s? So unexpected?”; “Is she going to compete with Jessi? First time seeing her that sexy”; ” has grown up. She used to be a shy girl but now she is confidently showing off her beauty”; “I love this image of her”; “So hot. One of the best bodies in Twice”; “Momo, Da Hyun are the ones with big hips, but Mina stands out the most by her charming aura”; “It’s rare for a female idol to have both innocent and sexy beauty like Mi Na”…

Some recent attractive images of Mina:
twice mina 92740
twice mina 739
mina twice 2
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Source: iOne

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