Fans discovered a spelling mistake in Got7’s comeback poster

After the teaser of MV Breath was revealed on November 19, recently, JYP Entertainment continued to release the poster for GOT7’s single. Worth mentioning, fans immediately discovered that this poster was misspelled

Specifically, on the MV Breath poster, the release date is written as “November 23th 2020” (November 23, 2020).  However, the fans immediately discovered a spelling mistake.  If written correctly in English, it will be “23rd” instead of “23th” as shown on the poster.

On the other hand, fans also think that this poster was edited without care. Many people even think that the sky wallpaper is probably taken from the internet and just adding a few lines of text with the design font could not be simpler.  A part of the audience is very disappointed with the poor investment from the company

Some comments from Knet:

  •  I am so disappointed with JYP
  • What’s wrong with JYP. Even a small company will not do that. 
  • I can also become a designer at JYP
  • I’ve never seen a poster that is worse than this one
  • What did they do with Got7?

On November 19, the teaser of MV Breath was officially revealed to fans the first pictures.  In the 40-second video, each member of GOT7 was announced to create a close-up image that excited fans.  Although the lyrics have not been revealed, with a pretty cheerful melody, this promises to be the expected return of GOT7. Previously, JYP also repeatedly made fans angry with a series of TWICE’s bad posters. Most recently, we can mention the teaser poster promoting TWICE’s comeback with MV Fancy.

Or as at the end of July 2020, ITZY’s fandom community could not be more embarrassed when the poster of MV NOT SHY was considered too bad and made many people disappointed with the creativity of the design team. 

More specifically, in this poster, ITZY did not appear.  There was only a wooden house on the poster and the gloomy atmosphere is supplemented with black and white effect, the poster looks like a horror movie. 

Sources: k14

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