A top male idol accused of asking a Taiwanese hot girl to have sexual intercourse in the WC: Seungri is under suspicion

Xiao Xiao, who recently appeared on a Taiwanese entertainment show, mentioned A, a Korean male idol whom she had dated several times in the past. Xiao Xiao recalled, “When A came to Taiwan to perform, I met him through an acquaintance. I didn’t know I would suddenly fall in love. We went on several dates like other normal couples.”

Xiao Xiao
Xiao Xiao

She added, “One day, A invited me to the club and we enjoyed a party together. When we were dancing in the VIP seat, A pushed me towards the sound box and gave me a deep kiss. He also held my hand and offered to go to the bathroom, but I declined because I was too shy.”

Xiao Xiao

In response, host Dee Hsu asked Xiao Xiao who A was, and Xiao Xiao whispered the answer to her. The other cast members, who heard A’s name as a member of a second-generation idol group, could not hide their surprise, saying, “He’s a superstar.” Meanwhile, Xiao Xiao is an entrepreneur and influencer in Taiwan.


Although the truth has not been verified, but based on the clue that the male idol in question is in a top 2nd generation boy group, netizens are suspecting he could be a member of Super Junior, 2AM, 2PM,… The most brought up name is BIGBANG’s former member Seungri, because it is a well-known fact that he loved clubbing. In addition, this exposing post surfaced right after BIGBANG made comeback with “Still Life” after a long hiatus, so many netizens are doubting it’s Seungri.


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