Fans are moved to tears by TWICE’s empty stage after 3 and a half years of dedication

There were only 7 members performing on stage.

Ever since their debut, the 9 member group has always been one of the most hardworking bees of K-Pop. The girls are always busy with promotion, event, Japanese promotion, concerts, touring, commercial filming, magazine photoshoots, reality shows, livestreaming,…The title of the top K-Pop girl group of TWICE is very well derserving even though the process is full of ups and downs.

There were only 7 members performing on stage.

What’s worth the compliment is that, even though their status are very high now, TWICE has never been snobby or lazy. The girls always try their best to dedicate and be humble to everyone. Their exhaustion is never shown on stage, right in front of their fans, and the tired eyes are only seen when the stage lights are off and they are far behind the cameras.

However, TWICE are still humans, and humans have physical limitations.

The fact that Mina and Dahyun has had to temporarily delay their activities is like an alarm bell for JYP. It’s time this agency actively re-arranges the schedule to be more fitting for the idol girl group. TWICE needs time to perfect their upcoming projects. There’s no need to put pressure on the members’ health by taking as much schedule as possible.

The Pocari Challenge Teen Festa event on July 7th will sure be a stage that is hard to forget in many ONCEs’ minds. TWICE is only completed when there are 9 members. And to be completed, they need to take care of their health.

Source: tinnhac

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