Fan are worried to know Jungkook had a stomach ache so bad he could not receive the award at MAMA 2018

Netizens said that this is also the reason why the idol went “missing” for a while at MAMA 2018.

Recently, the fancam footage of BTS watching the stages of other groups have been posted by netizens. In the video, the moment Jungkook (BTS) hugged his stomach with a grimace, immediately attracted the attention of the netizens. Many people said that at that time, he had stomach ache, the pain has made the BTS member not comfortable while attending MAMA.

According to fans, this could also be the reason for Jungkook’s absence when BTS went on stage to receive Best MV Awards with only 6 members.

The video of Jungkook hugging his stomach at MAMA 2018

It was not the only thing to worry about for the “golden maknae”. In another fancam, fans found out that Jungkook had back pain and it looked like he was telling V about his symptoms. The ARMY community (BTS‘ fan club) believes that the health of the male idol is likely to be in problem. Many people have started voicing their opinion to Big Hit, asking the company to let the group rest more in order to have time to recover from the dense schedule.

The video of Jungkook with back pain symptoms while talking to V at MAMA 2018.

Currently, the managers of the group haven’t had any official notice regarding the situation of Jungkook despite the concerns and worries of the fans for his health after the alarming fan cam at MAMA 2018.

Source: Kenh14

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