Everyone thought this popular actress has ‘retired’ as she went missing for 3 years, but she finally talks

Actress Ha Yeon-soo, who has recently been embroiled in rumors of retirement, indirectly denied it.

Ha Yeon-soo posted an update photo on her Instagram on May 10th with a caption in Japanese, “Looking Back.” An acquaintance of Ha Yeon-soo commented in the post, “Isn’t your retirement just a made-up by reporters? You’re cute today, too.” Ha Yeon-soo replied, “As expected, I only have ○○. Thank you,” she said, indirectly denying her retirement rumor.

Ha Yeon-soo

In addition, when that acquaintance said, “Let’s not pay attention to what was written and let’s do everything in your own way,” Ha Yeon-soo replied, “Soon,” suggesting her upcoming activities.

Ha Yeon-soo

Earlier, Ha Yeon-soo was embroiled in rumors of retirement after it was revealed that her profile was deleted from portal sites after her exclusive contract with her former agency ended. In particular, suspicions arose even more as she is currently studying in Japan.

Ha Yeon-soo

Meanwhile, Ha Yeon-soo has not appeared in any work since the 2019 movie “Rosebud.” However, last year, she started her career as a painter by holding an individual exhibition.

Source: Wikitree

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