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Eun Hyuk, “When my father passed away, Si Won sent me a box of abalones to comfort me. But I lost more energy”

Super Junior Eun Hyuk revealed a story about member Choi Si Won’s kind personality.

The new episode of JTBC’s entertainment program “Knowing Bros”, which aired on December 24th, featured Super Junior members, who recently their comeback with a new song.

Eun Hyuk, who recently had a hard time due to the passing of his father, mentioned Choi Si Won in his story, saying “Not long after I suffered a sad event this year, I got a call from Si Won”.


Eun Hyuk said, “Si Won told me, ‘Your family must be really tired. I’ll send you something’. Then I went home and saw a big box in front of my house”, adding “There were lots of abalones in it. And they were all alive”. 

Eun Hyuk continued, “It took me almost an hour to prepare raw abalones”, adding “I lost more energy because of that”, drawing laughter.

Choi Si Won also emphasized that Eun Hyuk did call him at that time and said he was out of energy.


Choi Si Won shared, “I wanted to send his mother the special product that I found while filming in the countryside. I received his call. He thanked me and added, ‘I lost even more energy. Send me a chef next time’”, making everyone laugh again.

Meanwhile, Super Junior recently released their 11th full album Vol.2 “The Road: Celebration”. They are actively communicating with fans through the promotion of the title song “Celebrate” and various contents. 

Source: Nate

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