Elementary School Student as Idol? HYBE Unveils New Girl Group’s Profiles 

HYBE Labels reveal the profiles of the 22 participants in their new girl group survival program “R U Next?”.

JTBC and BELIFT LAB’s upcoming survival show, “R U Next?” released the participants’ profile videos and photos on official websites and social media today (June 16th).

The profile videos capture the participants’ excitement, nervousness and determined aspirations for the survival show. The curiosity intensifies about the story of their vigorous competition as they run towards their debut dreams.

r u next

In the profile photos, participants attract attention by personally writing their birthdates, nicknames, mottos, and other appealing points, actively showcasing their individuality and charm.

The youngest participant Ena particularly captures attention as she is a 2011-liner, an elementary school student in Korea. 

“R U Next?” is a program to determine the final members of the next-generation global girl group by BELIFT LAB. The program will be aired on JTBC every Friday at 8:50 PM KST starting from June 30th. It will be globally streamed through HYBE Labels’ YouTube channel, and domestically available for viewing on platforms like Netflix.

r u next

Ahead of the first episode, “R U Next?” released Suzy’s theme song, “R.U.N,” and announced that Sooyoung will be the host. 

With the profiles of the 22 participants unveiled for the first time, the program has already garnered significant attention from viewers worldwide.

“R U Next?” plans to continue generating buzz by sequentially dropping various contents, including teaser posters and individual profiles.

Source: Nate. 

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